Bettering Our Understanding

Personal and professional development in any industry are important, so whilst today’s blog isn’t about iPads or the next event in Mudgee (our next blog will be about the next food & wine festival, in case you were wondering!), it is just a little bit about how we are trying to better ourselves and our community through new means.

Obviously our blog, twitter and facebook pages playing a major part in connecting with people in our community and it’s been astounding the number of people who come up and have a chat to us. It’s great to know that we’re actually reaching people and giving them information that they want and need.
That being said, we’re always looking for ways to better our understanding of what our community wants, and how they want it delivered, and how we can best achieve it. Just this week, we’ve been at Professionals latest conference on the Sunshine Coast in Queensland (Noosa, just beautiful!), and we’ve learnt about market trends in real estate, and also discussed ways in which we can offer better service to local communities.
Now we’re sure that the culture of our company isn’t of any great importance to you as members of the Mudgee community, but understanding it may allow you to feel more comfortable in your communication with us. You see, Professionals is for want of a better word, an extended family. We share ideas, work together and help each other out. That’s what we’re trying to do for our communities too; rather than just be a real estate agent to our clients, we are focusing also on adding value to our community without expecting anything in return (which for traditional real estate agents, is a brand new state of mind).
So essentially, what we’re saying is that you can chat to us about anything to do with Mudgee or the local community or real estate and property, and we’ll be happy to answer any questions for you. Talking with you will better our understanding of what our community wants, and help us to deliver services to you.

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