Becoming a Tourist in Your Own Backyard!

This summer, plenty of things have happened that have resulted in our hip-pockets taking a pretty severe beating. The hardship of our own floods combined with the loss of crops and income has meant that our holiday budgets are slimmer than usual.
Well, if you don’t have much to spend but you’d still like to spend some time with the kids before school goes back, here are my top suggestions for having an amazing holiday – right here in Mudgee!
  • Get out amongst it. We have the Wollemi National Park and many others right on our doorstep. As a reasonably mild summer this weather is ideal for a morning of walking and a few snags at one of the barbeque areas. Check out the National Parks and Wildlife website.
  • Take a walk in town. It might sound strange, but you’d be amazed at what you can discover when you reacquaint yourself with all Mudgee’s township has to offer. So park the car and take a walk. We tend to get so swept up in our usual routines that a holiday pace might help us
  • Taste our Finest. Mudgee’s reputation as a foodie heaven is the real deal. If you have grown-up children, why not visit the wineries, cheese makers, brewers and honey makers in our area and have a tasting session. You’re under no obligation to buy, but since you’ve saved so much on transport, why not splash out on some delicious marinated cheese or a bottle of wine to enjoy whilst you recount the days adventures back at your accommodation – home!
Of course, a lot of visitors to our region check out the website before they come, so it stands to reason that you should look at it too – it’s full of lots of great local events that aren’t just for tourists. Let’s foster the sort of community atmosphere that we want for Mudgee in 2011!

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