Back to School in Mudgee!

With kids going back to school after their summer break, talk around the town has certainly been sparked about the various developments within the education industry in Mudgee at the moment.

One of which we’ve all heard about constantly during the past few years, the Nation Building Economic Stimulus Package. We had 12 schools in Mudgee that were scheduled for building development or refurbishment from the $16.2 billion dollars available for the “Building the Education Revolution Program”, and it looks like for some of these schools the projects are finally nearing completion!
Meanwhile, there’s another project that has just begun at Mudgee’s St Matthews Catholic School. They’re planning a compete rebuild of the secondary school, performing arts centre, gymnasium, resources centre and trade training centre, the development of which is expected to take 30 months to complete.
It’s definitely an exciting time of the year for everyone who has gone back to school and seeing the transformations finally ending, or just starting! Know of news around one of the Mudgee School Projects? Let us know so we can share the information with the rest of the community!

2 thoughts on “Back to School in Mudgee!

  1. Ivan

    Not to mention that Mudgee High School is one of only 50 schools across NSW that has been converted into a Centre for Excellence to develop high quality teaching and improve teacher training. Improving a school that is already busting at the seams with students wanting to enrol there.


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