Are Your Home’s Balconies & Windows Kid Safe?

Did you know that about 8,000 children are taken to hospital emergency rooms each year as a result of a fall in the home?

To anyone who has children of their own, or visitors with children, we’d like to ask if your home’s balconies and windows are kid safe, because the last thing we want to read about this festive season is horror news about any child falling and receiving serious injuries or worse.

Kids are curious by nature, and don’t tend to fear much either so the NSW Government has designed a campaign targeting homes and outlining the do’s and don’ts around window and balcony safety.

If we can help prevent just one fall, then it’s been worth it, so please feel free to share this information with your family and friends, no matter where they live. You can never have too much information about safety around the home, especially when it comes to being kid safe. Some of the points are outlined below:

  • Make sure windows can’t be opened wide enough for a child to fit through.
  • Lock doors to balconies and decks when there aren’t adults around to supervise.
  • Don’t have furniture or other objects near windows or balustrades that children can climb up.
  • Educate your children about the dangers of climbing on balcony and deck railings.
  • Make sure your child uses stairs properly.

Let’s all help reduce the risk of children being injured this festive season!

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