And They’re Off and Racing!

We had  two very talented runners competing in the Golden Slipper last weekend at the Rosehill Gardens Races. But who are they and were are they from?

For most of our locals out there the answer to that question would be a no brainer, but for those of you who don’t know we had better keep you informed… Their names are Shared Reflections and Smart Missile and they are from Gooree Park right here in Mudgee.

Besides having award winning horses Gooree Park has so much to offer. Gooree Park is also known for its Wagyu beef, if any of you our there have tasted it you’ll know how good it is! But wait it gets better… They have 545 hectares of beautiful vineyards and create a huge range of wines which as you can imagine go well with Wagyu beef. Has anyone been to Gooree Park? We’d love to know your favourite part of your experience there.

A huge “congratulations” to Andrew Baddock and his team at Gooree Park Stud as we wish you the best of luck for this weekend! We hope to be celebrating a great win in the Golden Slipper!

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