Oh, Termites!

It’s an unhappy moment when you discover an infestation of termites in the house, and without quick treatment a large nest can decimate the value and safety of your home. Luckily, there are plenty of quick and cost effective ways to prevent an infestation taking hold, with some new treatment developments offering hope to those unlucky enough to already have one.

Keep it clean.

Take a look around your yard; you might be surprised at just how much termite food you’re providing! Dispose or store leftover timber from DIY or renovations away from the house – not under or beside it. Used railway sleepers may look attractive in the garden, but try to avoid putting them too close to the house as they’re usually moist and make an ideal gateway to your home.

Stay Dry

Speaking of moisture, termites love it! Try and avoid excess watering, particularly against walls and timber surfaces. Make sure that you capture any water from air conditioners and fix leaky pipes or taps promptly.

Inspect, Inspect, Inspect.

Early spring to late summer is peak season for termites, so inspect more regularly at this time. If you’re unsure or have never inspected for termites before, get a registered pest controller to look at your home and ask them about what you should be looking for in your area. This way, you can learn the basics from an expert.

If it’s too late…

If you already have termites, the thing to remember is to seek professional help. None of the insecticides used to treat termites can be handled by the public, only registered pest controllers.

If you have children or pets, some companies specialise in environmentally friendly termite baits that are potentially safer alternatives.  Green Termite Bait Systems offers a mail order service for some green products.

Best of luck keeping these pesky pests at bay!

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