Which Green Improvements for Mudgee?

With a local resident recently winning a solar hot water system for her home, we got to thinking about green improvements.
Living in a semi-rural town means that the sorts of green improvements that may be suited to your home are probably different to those being implemented in city suburbs. Here are the best ways to green up your patch.
Solar hot water is a no-brainer – whilst the initial outlay can be expensive, it can make a serious difference to your electricity bill, and with constant price rises in the country any way that you can reduce your dependence on the main power grid is going to be an investment in your future budget and peace of mind.
Water Tanks are something that the larger house blocks of a country town are ideally suited to. They now come in more convenient shapes, materials and colours than their bog-standard galvanized predecessors and can save you money and help you green up your garden for less.
You may be less familiar with a grey water recycling system, but it can turn runoff water from your kitchen and laundry into safe water for your garden. See if your garden is suited today!
It may cost you a little bit at first, but in the long run a green improvement may add value to your home and save you money!

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