What’s Going On with the Weather!

There’s no denying that we’ve had some crazy weather during the first few weeks of spring! NSW,  Victoria and now QLD have copped drenchings and flooding has become a real concern (and reality) for many regional areas posted along riverbanks.

The Mudgee region is hoping that the rainfall since the start of September may help produce farmers and livestock farmers who have suffered during the drought of recent years. Water is a precious commodity in rural NSW and I hope that the dams have all been topped up so that farmers can reap some reward from Mother Nature’s soaking of our region. Hopefully she doesn't go too far though and cause issues with too much water!
We like to keep on top of the weather in Mudgee so we know what to prepare for. It looks like the temperature will remain rather mild during the initial weeks of spring, but we are looking forward to the warmer weather that will inevitably come! Check out the Mudgee weather forecast here.

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