We Love Mudgee, So Should YOU!

If there’s one thing that we’re intently keen on, it’s everything about Mudgee! And we’re hearing more from people who are reading our blogs, that we’re not the only ones!

We’ve found that adding a personal touch to our listings, and showing buyers just how much residents of Mudgee love the area is attracting fantastic attention to our listings as well. For instance, we’ve just had one of our property video’s featured on Sold-TV which is a site which provides news to real estate agencies throughout Australia. We’re very proud to be featured on the site, and see that the work we’re doing to promote properties using online technology is going to be great for property sellers and buyers alike.

We’re doing everything we can to utilise technology and online marketing for our clients and providing news and information about real estate and the Mudgee region for our readers. We hope you enjoy what you’re seeing, and if you have any suggestions for us, we’d be happy to hear them anytime!

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