They Built This Town

If there’s one group of people in the world that are often forgotten about, it’s the people that grew up on our streets well before we did. I’m talking about senior citizens and the ageing population of towns like Mudgee, who don’t often get the credit they deserve for building the foundations of the town we know and love today.

That’s why I was delighted to read recently that the modified proposal for a $75 million senior’s housing development in Mudgee has been approved by the Mid-Western Regional Council.

There have been some issues surrounding the drainage of the property development, which has delayed the 205 units being built. The approved amendments now mean that stage one can precede the drainage works, and they can be dealt with prior to stage two development.

Even though we’re looking at a four year turnaround for stage one, at least there is progress being made. We need to look after our senior citizens and provide them with comfortable, safe accommodation in the community.

We also heard about the Pioneer House Aged Care program to help residents suffering dementia, by placing a car into their courtyard, which is hoped to help stimulate memory and trigger enthusiasm in maintaining the car’s appearance. Lowered by crane, the car shows that the community cares about the senior citizens of Mudgee, and providing them safe means to be active and involved.

Our ageing population is growing, and we can’t forget that these are the people who built this town before us.

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