Off, Not Racing in Mudgee

If you’ve had your eyes open around town for the last few weeks then chances are you’ll know that Friday was to be the 2010 Robert Oatley Vineyards Mudgee Cup. As our largest annual race meeting, it usually draws a massive regional crowd for fun and fashion. Unfortunately, this year the event has been cancelled. Because the track has flooded. Horribly.
A Very Flooded Mudgee Race Course
(You can even see half of our sign….almost!)

Naturally, everyone here in the office is devastated (those of you who purchased tickets in advance or VIP packages should contact the sellers), but we can’t imagine our little heartbreak over the races is anything at all when measured against the struggle that these flooding rains has presented to our battling farmers.

I know of many primary producers who aren’t able to strip fields because the ground is completely sodden, and risk losing what was looking like a bumper crop year. In addition, the destruction of hay from water damage means that stored feed may be scarce next year when it’s needed most. I truly hope for the sake of our local agribusiness that this awful weather clears up and the soil gets a chance to firm up.   
See you at the races…next year!

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