Mudgee Heading for Housing Crisis?

We were saddened to read that Mudgee needs at least 210 houses to keep up with demand from applications for emergency shelter. Whilst this news most affects those in need, I thought we could discuss the possible future affects that this shortage will have on the Mudgee region.
A lack of affordable housing can affect the growth of the region, and I would hate to see prices for first home buyers face the squeeze of a genuine shortage. Less houses on the market for sale also has a potential flow-on affect to rental availability and pricing.
A Mudgee Guardian article states that many of those who need new accommodation for whatever reason are often turned away by caravan parks, motels and the like because of the bad reputation given to those in need by a few people doing the wrong thing.
If you have a responsible property manager, regular inspections and the bond will generally protect you from any incidents that occur during a tenancy. Unfortunately, there are occasionally ‘nightmare tenants’, but if your property is managed correctly then these people can be identified and dealt with. Moreover, a good manager does thorough screening to assess the character of people applying for your property so that these problems can be prevented.

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