Mudgee Drop-In Centre A Haven for Elders

Those of us who have spent our whole lives in the country know that our great lifestyle can bring a few struggles along with the many benefits. Support and social services is one of the things that we miss out on more than bigger cities and metropolitan areas, which is why I was so pleased to hear about the running of a Salvation Army drop-in centre in town for the Christmas season.
With so many primary producers from the surrounding areas driving long distances to do the Christmas shop, it can be logistically difficult for those with elderly relatives who cannot be left for extended periods or have shopping to do of their own but cannot spend the whole day on their feet.
This is where the drop-in centre (being run at the Salvos Hall – 23 Perry Street) comes into its own, providing somewhere that anyone can take a little break from the stress and speed of the shops while enjoying the company of friends.
I think that if we all get behind great community amenities like this one; we can improve the friendliness and usability of our town for our elders.
If you’d like to find out more about the Salvos, you can find them on their website or twitter.

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