Mudgee’s Unwanted Christmas Presents find a New Home

When you get a lot of things for Christmas, and some of them aren’t quite your taste, style, size etc, it’s tempting to want to return them, sell them on eBay or re-gift them. What do you do with your unwanted Christmas presents? Is there a new home that your unwanted Christmas presents might be more appreciated? Here’s an idea that I think Mudgee should embrace this year.
There are a lot of less fortunate people in our town who may not have been so lucky to get a lot of Christmas presents, but Mudgee residents can change that by donating unwanted Christmas gifts to local charities. St Vinnies, The Salvos, and Lifeline just to name a few, often experience an influx of people requiring assistance at this time of year. I wrote earlier about the great drop-in centre run free of charge for local residents by the Salvos, so wouldn’t it be great to give back to an organization that has given Mudgee so much this year?
Animal shelters also see an increase in unwanted pets at Christmas time as well, so if you’re shopping and can spare a few dollars, you can donate things like pet food, litter, toys or bedding for these animals until they find a new home. Sites like Give Now and Dogs Across Australia can give you locations of shelters across Australia that you can donate to.
People of Mudgee, let’s see if we can make a difference this Christmas holiday period by supporting groups that look after unwanted pets, or help people less fortunate than ourselves enjoy the festive season by giving unwanted Christmas presents a new home.

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