Mudgee’s Rising Rents – What’s the Cause?

I responded to an article recently that stated “mine workers (are) continuing to take up private rentals and driving up rental costs”, putting forth my opinion about generalisations in parts of the report.

I don’t think that the responding article fully expressed my entire point though, and I’ve spoken on ABC radio to add to what was printed in Monday’s paper.
Whilst I can agree that there are increased rental prices, I don’t believe that demand outweighing supply is solely to blame for this. Contributing factors such as increased council rates, levies, insurances etc, have had considerable impact on the market rental rate.
The point that was missed in the responding article was that singling out miners is unfair, because they’ve brought many positives to the Mudgee region as well. Spin off jobs within local businesses, donations to local charities, contributions to sporting clubs, and movements for Council to improve services in Mudgee to name a few, are some of the benefits we can thank the mining industry for as well.
I would hate for Mudgee to start having an ‘us versus them’ attitude with miners in our region. Yes, prices have risen, but rental and sales prices have risen elsewhere too, so have landlord’s expenses. I'm all for low cost housing but I know that if we don't have an attractive market for landlords we won't be able to attract new investors, which will only add to the rental housing shortage.

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