Let Your Kids Run Wild in Mudgee – Indoor Edition (Pt. 2)!

We spoke on Monday about some of the great activities and events that are being put on in our area this School Holidays, but sometimes you might not be able to (or feel like) getting out and about in the Christmas season. Sometimes, it can be just as relaxing to find some interesting indoor activities for the little ones – ideally the sort that you can supervise from the comfort of your hammock or lounge!
Here are ilovemudgee.com’s top indoor tips for fun this summer (that won’t destroy the house):

·         For the Little Ones – If you’ve got kids in Kindy or Year One who want to cook and play but you don’t want the kitchen to look like a flour mill explosion, then why not try making play dough with them? There are only a few ingredients, and once it’s made it can occupy them for hours. Best of all, it’s safe to eat but tastes horrible so you won’t have to worry about keeping an eagle eye on hungry fingers.

·         For the Middle Ones – If the heat gets them stuck indoors why not suggest a movie and board game day with their friends? Physical games like twister will keep them active and healthy snacks like air-dried popcorn will keep them out of the fridge. If you coordinate with other parents, you may be able to share the kids around and get a little quiet time yourself!

·         For the Teens – Movies are a popular choice with teens too, but try to include a practical gift at Christmas that can be used right through the holidays. If you have an artistic child, consider a new canvas or two or an easel. For music lovers, check out Triple J’s annual album countdown and see if there’s anything your teenager might love.

·         For Everyone –Try playing it old-school with some age appropriate board games. Be sure to keep a close eye on competitive siblings, many a fight has begun with a disagreement over a game of Uno!
Of course it can be hard to get started, but once you get some structure going I’m sure you’ll find yourself with a troop of little angels come the end of the holiday.

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