How's your Dance Attitude?

Whilst Mudgee enjoys a cooler climate than a lot of other places in regional NSW we still get the occasional stinker and it might be enough to turn most of us off outdoor sports in summer. The good news is that we have enough interest for a local dance studio, a versatile form of exercise that you can do pretty much anywhere!
Dance with Attitude is a studio with classes here and in Rylstone, as well as a shop for dance wear in Lewis Street. They offer contemporary and traditional dance styles, so no matter who you are or what your interests are, you’ll be able to work off those Christmas party snacks in style.
As we know from the recent popularity of TV Shows like “So You Think You Can Dance”, dancing is not just for girls. Not only is it a great cardio and aerobic workout for guys, but it also builds strength – and imagine how impressive being able to lift someone over your head looks!
So give them a call (02) 6372 9675 or 0413 998 232 to find out more.

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