How to Cut Back Your Electricity Consumption

We all know that electricity costs rose at the start of this month, up to 13% for some Mudgee region residents, so many of us are starting to think seriously about how we can save money by cutting back on our electricity consumption around the home.

Starting with your bill – there are a number of companies and offers out there, are you getting the best deal you can? Websites such as and, allow you to compare rates and products across a broad spectrum of electricity companies, so that should help you figure out what savings you can make there.
Then, if you’re still keen on keeping electricity consumption to a minimum, you can have a Climate Smart Home Service which will enable you to see where you’re dollars are being zapped away.
During winter, try to do some of these simple tasks to save on your heating – seal around windows and doors; use heaters in off-peak periods rather than peak to avoid higher tariffs; rug up; cook a hot meal and leave the oven door open when you’re done.
The obvious one is to turn appliances off at the wall of course, but for those things that you don’t turn off, try setting them to run overnight (such as dishwashers, hot water systems and pool filters) rather than during peak periods where the cost of your electricity is higher.
We hope these few tips help you cut down your electricity consumption and therefore your bill. In addition to these, you could make the most of some of the NSW government rebates that are available for switching to more sustainable products.
If you experience financial difficulty, Country Energy has support services such as Country Support (13 23 56) and Energy Answers (1800 ENERGY) to help you. Your first bill will also come with an awareness booklet to help you cut down on your electricity consumption.

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