Hot Topic: Pools

Pools, both public and private would have to be most favoured during the summer months, so in the lead up to summer, what are the steps you and your fellow Mudgee community members are taking to ensure they’re maintained properly and are safe for people to swim in?

Public pools throughout the region, including Mudgee, Gulgong and Kandos public pools, are currently the topic of major discussions amongst community members and the Mid-Western Regional Council. The Council are looking at having some considerable expense outlaid over the coming 3 – 4 years to bring the local public pools up to standard.

Private pools are also on the agendas of pool owners, and with other areas of the state starting to really crack down on homes that don’t meet the standard regulations for pool ownership, it’s important to make sure you’re aware of the laws and responsibilities if you have or visit a home with a pool. For Mid-Western Regional Council’s Swimming Pool requirements, click here.


Happy safe swimming!!

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