Flood Nightmare in Mudgee

It’s already cost our region an estimated 12 million dollars in damage (without taking into account the 1 million dollar clean-up bill) and this morning the Mid-West was officially declared a disaster zone.
We spoke last week about the effect that the rains had on the cancellation of the Mudgee Cup, but that all seems like small potatoes now that the region has lost $500 million of what was meant to be the bumper crop season that signaled our area’s recovery after a few bad years.
Towns all over the Mid-Western Shire and beyond are bracing themselves for further chaos, with more rain predicted and many dams well over their intended capacity.
Please keep your radios on when you’re at home so that you’re able to receive the latest emergency and potential evacuation notices. If you’re on a property which is on high ground but could be cut off by flood water, check your supplies to ensure that you’ll be able to provide for yourself until the flooding subsides.
Past tales of motorists going missing presumed drowned in these conditions reminds us to not assume that causeway currents are weak enough to drive through. Please, if you’re in doubt don’t cross a flooded causeway or bridge even if your car seems large enough to make it.
Stay safe and I hope your friends and family's homes make it through this horrible weather event.

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