Festive Season a Great Time to Buy and Sell in Mudgee

There are some common preconceptions in the marketplace and amongst the public to do with the best time of year to buy or sell a house. As an agent of some experience I can tell you that generally these ideas are untrue – every town is different, and you might be surprised to learn about what times of year are popular in Mudgee.
Most people avoid Christmas like the plague and hold out for the New Year to sell their home. One of the most common fallacies amongst vendors is that the holidays are bad news for sales. If this was your belief, then get ready for a steep learning curve!
It’s true that warmer weather is good news for our housing market and we have great movement over spring and summer. What you may not realise is just how many keen buyers are looking to purchase in December. Plenty of people who are either current residents of Mudgee or looking to move to our fair city often plan their annual leave in December to coincide with school holidays or the lead-up to Christmas. This means they have more spare time to knock out the sorts of tasks that many of us may put off throughout the year – repairs to the house, servicing the car and….buying a new home!
That’s right. The weeks leading up to Christmas are often our peak selling period, and if anything we could do with more quality homes to offer keen clients. It’s also a time where people tend to take stock and reassess their lifestyles and family needs, so I often find myself speaking to a lot of interested ‘tree-changers’ from larger cities or second home buyers looking to upsize their home for a growing family.
So if you’re waiting until January, I’d advise you to think again and give me a call. Even if you don’t want to move before Christmas yourself, placing your property on the market now can mean a smoother January settlement.

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