Destination Newcastle?

Mudgee locals (ourselves included) have been delighted at the success of Aeropelican’s first year running the Mudgee-Sydney service. I think that this route is really important for tourism, business and even real estate in the central west.
We’re already a popular weekend escape for city dwellers, so the existence of a fast and convenient air link is essential for our regions’ future success. This is especially true when you consider how daunting a three hour drive may seem on a Friday afternoon – those of us who don’t mind the occasional trip to Sydney can testify to that!
Beyond Sydney, there’s news that Aeropelican could possibly open a second route flying out of Mudgee to the Hunter, specifically Newcastle. With a population of around 300,000 this could open a world of opportunities for Mudgee locals. It would connect both major wine producing areas of NSW by air, something that has a potential positive impact for business and tourism.
However, for this idea to be sustainable there would need to be traffic in both directions. So why should we go to Newcastle? Far removed from its history as an industrial centre, Newcastle has undergone an amazing amount of regeneration over the past decades. Reclaimed precincts such as the Harbour foreshore and Honeysuckle offer visitors a cosmopolitan array of restaurants and cafes; and we haven’t even started talking about Newcastle’s cultural attractions and beaches! In short, I think that it could be a great idea. Though flying is more expensive than driving, a direct service to the Hunter could be an ideal solution for a special weekend.
 If Aeropelican begins flights from Mudgee to Newcastle, would you fly there for a short break?

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