A Free Range Mudgee Christmas

The ethics and benefits of free range eating have been widely discussed in the media of late, and local epicureans will be well aware of the excellent local pork producer, Ormiston Pork. For those of you who don’t know too much about it, the Caspar family have been producing a superior quality Pork at reasonable prices for years now – we’re a big fan of their delicious Pork and Sage sausages.
Pork is a great lean meat for Christmas, with loads of options for cooking up a feast for the whole family – glazed loins, crisp crackling and shining hams conjure lots of memories for most. The main benefits of buying free range are that the animal is better cared for during its life, and this always results in an amazing quality product – so what’s good for the animal really is good for you.
Whilst it’s currently too late to order in advance for this Christmas, why not head down to your local butcher and see what a difference Free Range Pork from Ormiston will make to your Christmas Spread – and you’ll be supporting local producers.
The Ormiston Pork stand is a popular fixture at farmers markets across the Central West, so if you’re a regular visitor to the market why not make going free range your 2011 food resolution?

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